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Interested in coming out to an intimate and soul-searching event? Looking to meet like-minded people and reflect on global social justice issues? Would like to network and get to know notable individuals in our community who have made significant contributions to the refugee cause?
Then, we invite you to World Vision Campus’s annual Justice Works Event – a public showcase in an intimate coffeehouse setting.

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This event aims to illustrate the complex and dynamic mosaic that makes up the refugees entering Canada, and to ultimately humanize the refugee journey to those in our community.

Refreshments will be provided. There is no cost to attend this event!

1) Barbara Jackman – prominent Canadian lawyer specializing in immigration and refugee law. Ms. Jackman practices law with Jackman, Waldman & Associates in Toronto where she has developed a reputation as one of Canada’s most effective advocates of refugee rights.

2) Andrew Fitzgerald – from the Ripple Refugee project that raised $60,000 for new refugees in Toronto and Director of East Gallery featuring South Asian art is set to deliver a mind-blowing speech.

3) Dr. Mostafa Atri, MD FRCPC – from the Toronto General Hospital, director of Ultrasound and Academic Head of Division of Abdominal Imaging and Professor of Radiology. He is actively involved with his colleagues at JDMI, which operates at UHN, Mount Sinai and Women’s College Hospitals and together raised $34,000 that enabled them to sponsor a Syrian family of seven.

4) Innis Choir – set to deliver reflective musical performances based on the plight of refugees.

This year, Justice Works will revolve around World Vision’s RAW HOPE initative. Through Raw Hope, World Vision is able to support those living in war-torn areas, providing basic necessities and to individuals who’s own government fails to do so. Raw Hope also has a strong emphasis on the recent refugee crisis.